Aggregates are widely used in many projects. The name describes various types of coarse to medium sized, grained materials, prominently used in construction. They are raw materials including sand, crushed stone, and gravel. Its purpose is to add strength and usually reinforce the materials it is used with. It is for this reason that they are essential to many industries. They can be used on their own to provide many essential functions too. Here are just some uses for aggregates.


One of the most popular materials that needs aggregates is concrete. This has many uses and is widely utilised in the construction industry. The sand, gravel, or crushed stone used in the mixture helps to add strength and structure to the composition, making it a robust and durable building material.


Aggregates are a top choice for drainage when it comes to groundworks. Materials like gravel and stone improve drainage around places like pipes and drains. These materials are used because they allow water to percolate through more easily, preventing pools and floods of water occurring on the ground. Drainage is very important when it comes to construction, so it’s important to use quality materials to ensure no serious issues occur.

stone drainage


As well as aggregates having many practical uses, they can also be used primarily for decoration. Smaller stones and various sized materials can be used to improve the appearance of many things such as pathways and in gardens. They can add aesthetic value to both traditional and modern properties.

Riding Arenas

Sand has many uses. At C.C. Haulage & Sons, we provide many types of sand that are suitable for various applications. We have materials for blinding and service trenches, bedding paving, cattle bedding, and even riding arenas. This sand is very fine yet firm, and of a great quality for these spaces


Aggregates can be used when making structures like driveways. As mentioned before, sand is often used as bedding paving before bricks are laid. Also, gravel driveways are a popular choice for many if a more traditional look is wanted. These materials can also be used in the creation of Tarmac, to create a smooth and durable place to park a vehicle.

For Quality Aggregates, Choose C.C. Haulage & Sons

If you require sand, stone, or gravel for any project, call our experts today. We can help advise on our products and what is appropriate for your project. What’s more, we provide an efficient delivery service at a competitive price.

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