Topsoil | A Beginner’s Guide To Topsoil

Unless you’re into gardening, you may not have heard of topsoil before. This special kind of soil is usually used to help plants grow, as well as repair damaged lawns. It can also be used to improve drainage if you choose a grade with a high percentage of sand.

What Is Topsoil?

The top layer of soil is richest in nutrients. Usually between two and eight inches in depth, topsoil is a great way to start growing plants or vegetables. However, not all top layers of soil will be classed as topsoil. It takes around 100 years per inch of soil to develop the rich nutrients that feed plants.

The nutrients that make this soil so desirable are nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium. These create a fertile ground for plants to grow and photosynthesise in. The amount of nutrients in the soil will vary, depending on its quality.


As Dug Topsoil

As dug soil is unprocessed, so it’s likely to contain rocks, roots and other non-soil materials. It’s great for site preparation, but not the best for growing plants. If you need to fill in holes or require soil for a hard landscaping project, as dug is probably the most suitable option.

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil has been sifted, so there’s less impurities and smaller pieces of stone. This makes it better for use in gardens and planting, as it’s free of weeds and has rich nutrient contents. Screened soil is better for use in gardens where drainage is an issue. This is because it’s less densely packed and won’t have large particles blocking the drainage.

Screened Subsoil

Screened Subsoil

Subsoil is what lies underneath topsoil, so it has less nutrients. It’s typically got a higher percentage of clay and sand. You can mix subsoil with manure to achieve better conditions for growing plant matter. However, the most common use for subsoil is in construction for its excellent drainage qualities.

Check Your Soil

All imported topsoil should meet the BS3882 British Standards. However, before you start using your soil, especially if it’s been imported, you need to give it a quick inspection. Sometimes invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed can be lurking in the soil.

Japanese Knotweed spreads quickly and can be a nuisance. You can also be prosecuted if it spreads beyond your property bounds. The presence of Knotweed can also make selling your property more difficult, as it must be declared to any buyers and mortgage providers.

For A Selection Of Topsoils, Choose CC Haualge

We provide a range of topsoil grades which are suitable for all manner of projects. You can create new lawns, plant flowers and vegetables, or use it as the foundation to your hard landscaping project. We can deliver your soil loose or in dumpy bags.

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